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OCS high school football player aims to help others kick cancer

EDMOND, Okla. - High school football is four years some say are the best of their lives. But, for one local kicker - he's focused on more than just making precious memories.

"I just wanted to do something that actually mattered and do something greater than myself," said Jack Gosden, a junior at Oklahoma Christian School.

With every field goal, Gosden's scoring more than just points for his team.

While at a national kicking camp, Gosden learned about 'Alex's lemonade stand,' a foundation aimed at curing childhood cancer.

The nonprofit started small, as an actual lemonade stand run by a little girl who had been battling the disease since she was just 1 year old. When she died at the age of 8, her parents continued her mission - a mission Gosden is now helping them carry on.

"God put it on my heart to do it," he said.

Gosden said his determination to help find a cure started with a trip to a local hospital over Christmas, meeting children bravely battling the disease.

"They had something where they couldn't go home to their families. I would never want anything to happen to those kids, and so I just want to help them," he said.

Now, he's dedicating the season and next to the cause.

So far, in just two games, he's raised $400. Donors pledging to help kick cancer with every field goal and extra point he makes.

Gosden plans on serving a bigger purpose beyond high school. He has dreams of kicking for a service academy, particularly Westpoint, and one day wants to serve his country - like family members who came before him.

"I just realized - I want to do something," he said. "I want to give back like I've been doing to this. I want to do something through what I love, and so that's why I want to join."

Gosden's goal is $1,000, but he'd love to raise more. If you want to help, visit his Alex's Lemonade Stand page.