OKCPS considers calendar change

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City public school district is looking at options for a brand new school calendar.

Since 2011, the district has followed a year round continuous learning calendar and that could soon change.

“We have to look at what`s in the best interest of the children, which calendar will best educate our children,” said Charles Henry, board member.

The continuous or yearlong calendar starts school around August 1.

It also offered intersession classes during the breaks for students preforming below average.

Problem is many students weren't taking advantage of the opportunity and the budget forced many of the intersessions to be canceled.

“It`s not really proving to be successful through the test scores show us that it`s not really doing what the intentions was,” said Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs, board member.

Right now, the district is looking at a traditional calendar and another would be a hybrid.

The hybrid calendar will start school in mid-August and end before Memorial Day.

  • Provide a full week break in October, at Thanksgiving and in March
  • Provide two week Winter break
  • Provide a slightly longer break at summer for school staff and for students to recharge
  • Allow more time to hire teachers, bus drivers and other critical staff
  • Provide more time to order and receive instructional resources for the start of the school year
  •  Allow our Operations teams to complete building maintenance, renovations and deep cleaning
  • Allow educators to continue their advocacy efforts by closing the district for Election Day in November 2020
  • Ensure that all employees' pay cycles are not affected

It will also eliminate intersessions.

“The schools will still have the money that was being spent on intersessions but it would be used on things like intensive tutoring and those kind of programs, “ said Coppernoll Jacobs.

With the later school, start the air conditioners won't run as much saving on operational cost as well.

Whatever calendar is considered some board members want one that will help students grow in their academics.

“We have state testing in April so what happens is they`re off for Spring Break for two weeks and when they come back soon thereafter they`re taking state test,” said Henry.

The Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers says nearly 50 percent of its teacher support the hybrid calendar.
The board will consider a vote on Monday.