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Edmond North student recovering after his heart stopped beating at school

EDMOND, Okla. - Chase McManis was doing his weekly exercising in his ROTC class at Edmond North High School when the sophomore all of a sudden collapsed.

“Chase was the last one to do the pull ups and, after he finished his pull ups, he took about three steps and he fell to the ground,” said Major Eric Weingaertner. “He had fallen into one of the cadets, another cadet was falling backwards. I caught him and then saw that Chase was on the ground.”

Weingaertner said his training kicked in and he ordered one student to call 911, another to get administrators and then he started the lifesaving measures.

“I saw some color changes on his lips and decided that we needed to, we needed to perform CPR,” Weingaertner said.

There was also a UCO cadet, a former Edmond North ROTC student, who just happened to be visiting his old school who performed CPR on McManis as well.

There are six defibrillators on site at Edmond North High School. An assistant principal was running one down, but firefighters showed up first.

Edmond fire officials said McManis’ heart had stopped. They actually had to shock it four times at the scene.

"Chase is in wonderful shape. He's on the Edmond North cross country team, so he completed the 10 pull ups without any problem. I was not expecting that but, you know, that's why we're here, that's why we're trained,” Weingaertner said.

McManis was the freshman student of the year at Edmond North. And, his ROTC teachers said he is a shining example of their core values.

"He lives his faith daily at the school. He's respected not only by his peers but by the teachers that he's ever dealt with,” said Lt. Col. Michael Penning.

McManis’ mom is a teacher in the district, and his family said the outpouring of support has meant so much. They told us he is improving and they hope to have answers soon as to what caused his heart to stop.

CPR training for Edmond teachers is optional, but the district provides the training once a month.

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