OSU apartment complex terminates leases

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STILLWATER, Okla. - Some OSU students are trying to find another place to live after an apartment complex cancelled their leases.

One on 4th was supposed to be open and move in ready by mid-August, but after weeks of postponing move in's, students got an email on Thursday saying their leases are terminated.

“It was very frustrating, said Grant, a student at OSU. “It was disheartening."

Grant just moved from Ohio to Oklahoma to get his Doctorate from OSU.

He says he signed a lease with "One on 4th" in April and drove down with a truck full of stuff ready to move in.

But, when he got to Stillwater, he got an email.

“They were not going to be able to open on that projected day of the 17th,” said Grant. “They gave us a rough timeline that we should be able to move in the next weekend.”

It's been nearly a month and he's still not moved in.

Grant says the apartment managers gave him money on a gift card while he stayed in a nearby hotel.

“It just something that was very unexpected,” said Grant. “I still feel myself recovering from the stress of all of that falling on someone at once."

But last Thursday, the apartment complex emailed him again terminating the leases.

The email to Grant says the apartment failed inspections and had construction delays.

Grant says he's been refunded the first month of rent, but he will still move into “One on 4th” if it opens in the future because he loves the convenience of the location.

He just hopes management learned a lesson.

"I feel that I have just been a valued inconvenience but am now looked at as a valued potential customer,” said Grant. “If that isn`t met then there’s dozens of other place I will take my business. As a doctoral student I am here for half a decade so it is in their interest to invest by taking a little bit of hit on the outside.”

News4 reached out to the apartments management office, EDR, to find out more about what's going on and if they plan to re-open.

We left a message and are waiting to hear back.

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