Driverless deliveries are rolling into the metro

OKLAHOMA CITY - Can you imagine a day without making a trip to the grocery store? Well, that could be happening sooner rather than later.

The owners of places like Uptown Grocery and Buy for Less are rolling out a new plan that will deliver your groceries anywhere you want in the metro, and the kicker, the delivery truck will drive itself.

“We will be and have signed a landmark deal to bring autonomous, driverless vehicles to the state of Oklahoma,” said Susan Binkowski, co-owner of the Buy for Less family of supermarkets.

You heard that right, driverless vehicles in the state Oklahoma.

“We`re excited about what the future can bring, and not only bring it to anywhere in the world but we`ll be the second place to in the world to bring it here,” said Hank Binkowski, co-owner of the Buy for Less family of supermarkets.

By the end of next year, the Buy for Less brands and Udelv will team up to make grocery shopping a little easier.

“You`ll be able to get your deliveries done at precisely the time you want them to happen and at the location you want them to happen,” said Daniel Laury, CEO of Udelv.

So what you do is place your order and the driverless truck will meet you anywhere.

“The idea is to have all 10 vehicles deployed by the end of 2019, so the sooner we can do it, again safety is the main concern but we want to hurry up and be able to create a new different guest experience,” said Hank Binkowski.

The idea of driverless cars is something the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has been looking into. Transportation director Mike Patterson says these trucks have to be safe and he'll need proof.

“They`re going to prove that it`s actually safe and it`s actually going to provide more access to the population,’ said Patterson.

One way to make things go smoothly is have a person still behind the wheel just not controlling it.

“As long as we and the authorities feel it necessary to have a safety driver to safely operate the vehicles they will be manned with a safety driver,” said Laury.
Udelv already has driverless cars in California.

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