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Oklahoma couple arrested after children found covered in filth

ENID, Okla. - A couple was arrested after investigators say they found their children living in filth.

Timothy and Kassandra Harris were arrested for felony child neglect.

The sheriff’s office says deputies were at a McDonald’s restaurant when they noticed Kassandra Harris. She allegedly left two of her small children in a van that was still running. One of the children was allegedly playing with a cigarette lighter and sitting behind the wheel.

Authorities confronted Harris and the children were pulled from the car.

“Their bodies were covered in rashes, insect bites,” said Sgt. Justin Lamle with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. “They were extremely dirty.”

They say Kassandra Harris didn’t have a driver’s license and her husband, Timothy Harris, arrived on his bicycle to drive them home.

In the home, investigators say they found a two-year-old child asleep and another adult in the home.

“There was a lot of dirty dishes, spoiled food setting around, trash, the carpet was matted together with food, feces,” said Lamle.

The couple also has two other children who are in school.

Authorities say Timothy Harris has a prior rest for domestic violence and he was not supposed to be at the home.