Man breaks both arms after riding electric scooter

OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro man says he broke both of his arms after renting an electric scooter downtown.

“Stopped my scooter completely and just went head over handlebars and my arms braced and it was just the blunt force,” said Jacob Davis.

Davis says he rented the scooter from Lime and the wheel got caught in a water meter lid in the sidewalk.

He then flipped.

“I just hit it the right way or the wrong way and went right over the handlebars,” said Davis, who says he tried to soften the blow.

“I didn’t want my teeth to fall out and I at least moved my face a little bit,” said Davis. “That is why my nose is all jacked up. But, I didn’t lose any teeth.”

Davis was taken to the hospital where x-rays showed he broke bones in both arms.

In the app, Lime has a set of rules riders must agree to. This includes wearing a helmet and staying off of the sidewalk.

We reached out to Lime and a spokesperson sent us a statement:

“Safety is our top priority, which is why we urge riders to practice safe riding not only for their own protection, but also for the safety of the larger community.”

Davis admits he shouldn’t have been on the sidewalk and says he will be more careful next time.

“Just be aware that you’re taking a risk,” said Davis. “I mean, I think I did this going 12 miles an hour. That doesn’t seem very fast, but it’s a lot faster than walking.”