Man in Tillman County finds live artillery and keeps it for days

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TILLMAN COUNTY, Okla. - A man finds an old explosive in a ditch in Southwest Oklahoma and authorities say it could've been a disaster.

Turns out, he kept it for a few days before turning it into law enforcement.

Officials hope the incident serves as a warning for others.

“I thank God that nothing happened,” said Cadena.

Cadena was driving just south of Frederick last week when he found what he thought was old non active artillery.

“I mean I knew what it was, but I didn`t know what would be in it,” said Cadena.

Turns out, it was still live.

“He had it in the van for 3 days,” said Janice Morrison, Cadena’s girlfriend. “We were driving around with it, everywhere. It was hitting bumps. It was like oh no. It`s scary now.”

Morrison says friends told them to take it to local officials.

“He`s got this 20 pound unexploded shell out there and we thought holy moly we`ve got a problem here,” said Randy Hasley, The Tillman County Emergency Manager Director.

Hasley says he's never seen something like this, even though they`re just south of Fort Sill.

Hasley called Fort Sill's EOD team out, they closed off the area until they loaded the artillery and took it back to the base to detonate.

“It was a world war two round,” said Hasley. “I don`t know how it got here, if maybe somebody threw it in the ditch.”

Fort Sill sent a picture to Cadena after they detonated it warning him and others, not to touch anything like this in the future.

“I didn`t know what to think about it,” said Cadena. “I didn`t know it was that explosive.”

“I told him, I told everybody, if you see anything like that, do not touch it,’ said Morrison. “Please don`t pick it up.”

Hasley says if you find anything like artillery, do not touch it or move it.

It's best to contact local authorities so they can take care of it safely.

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