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Thieves caught on camera in NW OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY - Brazen criminals broke into homes in a quiet NW Oklahoma City neighborhood Sunday night.

Thieves taking more than three hours to take hundreds of dollars in tools and equipment...and it's all caught on camera.

"Dog was barking woke us up went to the back door looked didn't see anything so went back to bed," Bill Bowman told us.

What Bill Bowman and his wife didn't see was two men walking around in their back yard and in their neighbors yard for more than 3 hours in the NW OKC neighborhood.

The next morning when he woke upĀ  "the shed door was open so we knew someone had been out there," said Bowman.

The video shows two white males in their 20s on their neighbor's driveway. That house is currently going through renovations, the crooks helping themselves to tools, and shop lights. They even tried to push a go cart off the property but couldn't make it over the fence.

"If you have seen the video he realized he had got on camera, you know, sling his hand and 'oh heck I'm on camera,'" said Bowman.

Bill says a heavy dew on the grass helped them figure out where the thieves went.

"Yeah we seen tracks across the yard when they came across the fence came here to the side of the house and the back to the shed."

Those thieves took lawn equipment right out of his backyard shed.

Bill says police are investigating. They took finger prints and even got a DNA sample from a sweaty hand print on his neighbor's window.

"Hopefully someone is going to recognize them and we can get them behind the bars," said Bowman.

Bill says he is now going to install lights and cameras on his back porch.

If you have any information on the men in that video, you are asked to contact OKC Police.

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