Tulsa authorities make arrest in woman’s brutal murder

TULSA, Okla. – Officials in Tulsa say they have made an arrest in the brutal murder of a woman that happened last year.

Employees of a restaurant who were going to work on April 25, 2017, found blood on the walkway, leading to a dumpster where they found the body of 43-year-old Amy Robertson.

An investigation revealed Robertson had been sexually assaulted before a suspect beat her to death.

“This is one of those type of cases that definitely was an ugly type of a murder for our city,” said Jason White, homicide detective.

FOX reports Robertson was a daughter, mother and grandmother.

According to authorities, a detective who was investigating a rape case in November 2017 noticed similarities with a suspect who told the November 2017 victim, “I’m a murderer.”

A warrant was executed to swab the mouth of 40-year-old Dennis J. Kurtz II. The DNA reportedly came back as a match to the DNA of Robertson’s collected at the scene.

Kurtz is already serving time for the November 2017 rape conviction.

He will have a separate case for murder charge.