Midtown development set to open brewery as first business

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Elk Valley Brewing Company founder hopes his new midtown location will be filled to the brim with customers when it opens in a couple of months.

"Here, we're going to have just under 6,000 feet total with most of it being in the brew house here. The other half, we will have a downstairs taproom and an upstairs patio,” John Elkins said.

Sixteen brews on tap, and sodas available for the kiddos who come in.

After new beer laws passed in 2016 allowing breweries to sell to consumers, it added a new element to Elkin's business.

"You have to find somewhere cheap because you can't sell to the public, so you can't sell it right here," he said. "It wouldn't do us any good to be in a prime location like this and have to sell beer to wholesale only."

The reason for the new location and the new look to the beers, too.

Graphic designer Matt Goad designed their new logo and design.

"Gave me these awesome names for their line of beers, and it really just opened up a flood gate of creative ideas,” said Goad of Goadabode Inc.

Elk Valley Brewery is just the first of several businesses opening in the development.

Next March, Hudson Street Market will open with several eateries and local businesses inside. What used to be Uptown movie theater, Pivot Project bought the building last year.

Part of the development company’s mission is to re-develop pre-existing buildings with an interesting history.

"We, as a group, like to go in and find that special piece, and unveil it, and pay homage what it used to be but create it a new life," Candace Baitz, development manager at Pivot Project, said.

And, Elkins can't wait to open his doors.

"We've been a part of a lot of things going on down in this area for a long time, and it's just home," he said.

The entire project costs $8 million. The figure does not include tenant costs.

As for Elk Valley, they hope to open their tap room in November.

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