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Oklahoma teenager arrested after allegedly stealing deputy’s radio, hacking into system

GUTHRIE, Okla. – A metro teenager is behind bars after authorities said he allegedly hacked into their private system and stole police radios.

Earlier this month, officials said 19-year-old Jared Joslin was arrested on three charges.

Authorities in Guthrie allege Joslin impersonated the fire chief and used a bogus email address to hack into GeoSafe — the private system used to track first responder vehicles.

“Call logs, locations of the units that are logged into GeoSafe. It’s scary,” said Logan County Sheriff Damon Deveraux.

Investigators said other private information about the public was also exposed.

“What is concerning is that we deal with victims of crime or even a violator of crime,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs with the Guthrie Police Department. “Until they are convicted or until there is an arrest warrant, their information isn’t public.”

To make matters worse, authorities said Joslin smashed out a deputy’s car window and stole a police radio. After that, he was able to tune into a private frequency.

“He had a radio that he could transmit on,” Gibbs said. “There’s more damage you can do with a radio you can transmit on. You can actually tie up the air when somebody needs it. You can try to give bogus calls. You can impersonate a police officer.”

Investigators said DPS contacted police when things looked suspicious and they were able to track an IP address to Joslin’s home. Once there, they found scanners, radios and a stolen deputy’s jacket.

But, what Joslin told authorities is what really disturbed them.

“He really wanted to be in law enforcement, and I think the statement he made was he wanted to respond to bank robberies,” Devereaux said.

Joslin was taken to jail for violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act, concealing stolen property and using a radio to commit a felony.

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