Police looking for other rape victims after investigation

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EL RENO, Okla. - A teen age girl kidnapped, and held with a knife a foot and a half long, was driven around central Oklahoma for hours as her abductor tried to have sex with her.

It happened back in December but now authorities think she might not have been the suspect's first victim.

"I think he`s a predator," said Lt Mike Grimes of the Canadian County Sheriff's department.

Grimes is talking about 21-year-old Hoang Tran.

Back on December 18,  News 4 first told you about a terrifying abduction of a teen girl in Oklahoma City. Tran allegedly offered her a ride to work but instead took her on a 50 mile  drive through the city and out to rural Canadian county, all the way holding her at knife point, trying to force himself on her. Fortunately, the victim was able to escape.

Working with the woman and the OSBI, Canadian County officials were able to produce an artist sketch.

"We put that out and we were able to identify the suspect. Wichita, KS police dept was able to get him in custody for us," said Lt Grimes.

While in custody, Tran "admitted finally to some of the things that occurred," said Grimes.

But Grimes say while going through Tran's phone, they found evidence of another similar crime in Augusta, Kansas. Another woman was kidnapped in his car.

"All the circumstances were identical to what happened in our kidnapping and rape. He produced the same butcher knife a large with a wooden handle,"said Grimes.

That woman was also able to escape. Now Canadian County authorities think there may be more women in this area who were brutalized by Tran.

"We believe there may be other victims out there that he has done the same thing or worse to."

Tran is 5 feet, 9 inches, 160 pounds with black hair and has a big, owl tattoo on his left arm. He drove a black Toyota sedan during the two other crimes.

Once again, Tran is in custody in Canadian County but police are seeking other victims to step forward. Tran has been know to spend time in Oklahoma City, Wichita and the Alva area.

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