City Council will vote on $750,000 repairs for Skydance Bridge’s pedestrian deck

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a spectacle many Oklahoma City drivers see every day on their way home, but repairs to the structure will likely cost taxpayers thousands of dollars to fix.

The Skydance Bridge opened to the public in April of 2012 over I-40, near Robinson Ave.

Now, six and a half years later, city leaders will vote on whether to make some repairs to the 380-foot long wooden bridge.

Graffiti and buckling wood on the deck of the pedestrian bridge is in desperate need of repairs.

"With wear and age, the deck is starting to warp and do all those things wood material does,” said Shannon Cox, public information officer for the Oklahoma City Public Works Department.

The bridge, which has already been repaired one time in 2014, will now head to the city council's agenda. The city council will vote on a $750,000 measure to fix or replace the deck.

"Tomorrow, city council will get the opportunity to vote on hiring a consultant for us to go ahead and review the Skydance Bridge deck and make recommendations on the supplies and what we can do to improve the decking,” Cox said.

If approved, the consultant and construction company will go through a bidding process with the hope it will be complete in 2019. That will be the same year the north end of the Scissortail Park will open.

The park is a $132 million MAPS 3 project that will eventually stretch from north of I-40 to south of I-40.

"The bridge itself was built to connect the two parks being part of the MAPS project, so you have the upper part of the park and then the lower part where we're standing here, and so people will be able to walk across the bridge without having to go around I-40,” Cox said.

Right now, the north entrance of the pedestrian bridge is closed due to construction on Scissortail Park.

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