UPDATE: Oklahoma woman receives blessing after falling on hard times

UPDATE 10/12/18 - One of Rana Noble's super hero powers is her smile.

“I'm just a goofy old lady,” she said.

Rana’s always one to put others before herself.

Terry Shinn and TS Heat and Air made good on their promise hooking her up with another one of their Lennox high efficiency heating and cooling systems and this one is a real beauty.  

“You did bring some amazing angels,” Rana said. “I don't know what I'm going to without y'all now.”

The blessings just keep coming.

Electrician Russell Shaver from Heritage Electric stopped by Rana's house to make repairs, not once, but three times.

“We get a lot of enjoyment out of it,” Shaver said. “People have helped us in the past and we've seen that. We want to make sure everybody else gets the help they need.”

Then there was Rana’s busted up garage door.

Jeff Gabelsberg and his crew from Garage Door Solutions stepped up to the plate, replacing the old springs on Rana's garage door with new ones.

He said, “[we] replaced some hinges and adjusted a few other things and got the opener serviced, so she can hit the button and get in the house safely.”

The seeds of generosity sprouting into something really beautiful for Rana.

Remember how overgrown her backyard was?

Now things have changed.

Justin Harvey of Harvey Lawn and Landscape put down mulch, trimmed and cleaned up everything, so Rana can have a safe place to go to relax and calm her busy mind.

Harvey said, “I work a lot of hours anyway and I just felt led to come over and do this.”

Rana still gets anxious sometimes, but she now has new inspiration to get well and pay it forward.  

She said, “I just feel like you guys went above and beyond for me and you've been kind and caring.”

OKLAHOMA CITY - Rana Noble is getting a new Lennox high efficiency heating and cooling system from Terry Shinn and TS Heat & Air.

Not only has she been without cool air, Noble was unemployed for a year-and-a-half, close to losing her home and just diagnosed with cancer. 

“They did some blood work, and there's not a cure of it but they can treat the symptoms,” she said.

Noble's friend and biggest cheerleader, Lana Guy, wanted to do something nice, so she dipped into her savings.

Guy found a used AC unit on Offer Up, a free app that lets you sell and buy stuff from your smart phone.

Handyman John Doyle Donelson posted the ad, $450 for the unit and another $250 to install it.

The faulty unit Donelson left them with still isn’t blowing cool air.

“If you kick it, [the unit] will turn on, and then it sparks and I was afraid it was going to burn the house down,” Noble said.

We found Donelson at his home in Spencer.

“All I was told to do was hook the air up, that's it,” he said. “That's all I was told to do. She was told to do the rest.”

Donelson claims the unit was only four years old.

Terry Shinn, who’s been installing and servicing AC units for 35 years, told us, in his expert opinion, the unit was much older.  

"We'll take this out and throw it in the dump," he said. "I mean it's old. I don't know where she got four years old."

We know Donelson does not have his mechanical or electrician's license.

“That's fine,” he said. “There ain't no laws that I can't hook up power.”

The state's licensing code defines mechanical work as anyone installing, doing maintenance, repairs, or renovation, in whole or in part, of a cooling system.

“All I did was brazing the unit like she asked me to do; for her to get cool air, she would have to call someone to put Freon in it,” Donelson said.

While the state investigates, Noble's got a new, reliable heat and air system on the way.  

"That is amazing, "Guy said.

Licensed electrician Russell Shaver from Heritage Electric is once again donating his services.   

Noble can’t contain her excitement.

“Well, who could not smile today?” she said.

Verify a mechanical, electrical, plumbing or roofing license with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.

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