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Missing Oklahoma woman presumed dead, boyfriend arrested for murder

OKLAHOMA CITY - A missing woman is presumed to be dead and her boyfriend is now in jail for murder.

On Tuesday, officers put out a call asking for help in finding Susan Freehauf.

"When she didn't show up for work on the 21, and didn't respond to text messages and calls, that's when coworkers became concerned," said Officer Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Just hours later, News 4 uncovered a murder warrant for David Shores, Freehauf's alleged boyfriend.

Coworkers say it was unlike Freehauf to miss work at her United Airlines job.

"She didn't show up again on Monday, they called police, and that's when the investigation began," said Morgan.

A coworker drove to Freehauf's apartment to see if she was home, but only found Shores.

Shores allegedly told Freehauf's coworker that she had a medical episode in Broken Arrow and was at a Tulsa hospital.

He couldn't tell people which exact hospital Freehauf was being treated at, so, they called the police.

"Coworkers were able to provide us with a phone number, the phone number led to locating the missing person's car," said Morgan.

Investigators called the number and Shores picked up. Court records indicated Shores gave officials several different last names and birth dates.

When Shores allegedly failed to meet with investigators, they pinged the phone and found Shores driving Freehauf's car.

"He was arrested for having the missing person's credit cards on him," said Morgan.

The affidavit shows that's not all - Shores allegedly had Freehauf's driver's license, debit cards and cash he withdrew from her account.

A search warrant led investigators to Freehauf's apartment where they stumbled upon a gruesome scene.

According to an affidavit, there were several large blood stains on the living room carpet and pad; one stain still fresh.

They also found traces of blood spatter on a vacuum, bathtub and a clothes washer.

Court records said this information led officers to believe that Freehauf was murdered.

Shores is being held in jail without bond for first-degree murder. He's also accused of possession of a taken credit card.

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