Oklahoma City police release body cam footage of wild chase

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police have released body camera footage on Tuesday of a high-speed chase from last Thursday night.

It all started with a road rage incident in the drive through of the Taco Bell at N.W. 23rd and May.

The woman involved said the suspect got angry because they didn’t move up in the line and rammed their car.

When police showed up, he took off, leading them on the high-speed chase, causing at least two different crashes.

“Yes, we just got hit by a vehicle,” the 911 caller told dispatch. “He’s intoxicated. He’s fully drunk.”

The suspect crashed into a vehicle at N.W. 23rd and Penn, causing serious injuries to a woman there, and kept going. He eventually circled back to the very same intersection where the video shows police deploying stop sticks.

“Yeah, he just took the sticks and hit another car,” said one officer.

The driver turns south on Penn after hitting the sticks and rams into another vehicle, sending it into one of the fire trucks that had responded to the first crash the suspect caused there.

And, the suspect finally comes to a stop.

“Show me your hands! Show me your hands now!” yelled officers.

The driver ignores commands from police.

“Open the car door! Step out!” they shouted.

Officers have to go and forcibly take him out of his truck.

“Get out of the car,” yelled one officer.

“Ow!” the suspect can be heard saying on the officer’s body cam.

Officers have to work to get his hands behind his back to handcuff him, all the while the suspect was whimpering in pain.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” the suspect cried.

“Shut up!” one of the officers told him.

Noah Ladeaux, 34, was arrested and is facing charges of attempting to elude, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.

Ladeaux is currently on a deferred sentence for DUI. According to the police report, he has an ignition interlock restriction on his driver’s license but there was no such device in the truck he was driving.

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