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Intruder arrested for sneaking into class at Midwest City High School

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Police arrested an 18-year-old man Tuesday for showing up at Midwest City High School and posing as a student in class. Midwest City Police said Daniel Hedrick was allegedly at the school to see his girlfriend.

A teacher became suspicious when he spotted Hedrick in the school.

The teacher called an administrator and the school resource officer and Hedrick was arrested there at the school. Students said it was a scary and strange ordeal.

“It kind of felt weird because it`s scary, you don`t know what they can do,” said Kalina, a Midwest High School student.

Kalina’s friend and classmate Serenity told us, she realized what truly happened when her mother received a call from the school.

“Whenever I got home, my mom got an automated voicemail,” she said.

The voicemail said, “Good evening Bomber parents. We wanted to make you aware of a situation at our school today. An individual posing as a student was arrested on campus today for trespassing. We applaud our teachers for their awareness and quick actions in conjunction with our administration and School Resource Officer. Our students' safety is our priority.”

Student said they couldn’t believe Hedrick was able to sneak in and get passed security.

“The police officer walks by with someone handcuffed and I saw that they didn`t have an ID on and I was kind of curious about what was going on,” said Serenity.

Superintendent, Rick Cobb confirmed to us that a teacher noticed Hedrick in his class and he didn't belong there.
Cobb applauded the teacher and resource office for their "quick response to this situation and their focus on school safety.”

“Out of nowhere we saw this one person getting arrested and I`m hearing rumors that there was a student and he wasn`t actually a student and he just showed up to school,” said Serenity.

Michael Young lives near the school and he said he's glad to hear no one was hurt.

“If it was that easy for him to get in there, it very well could have been mischief, he could have had a gun or whatever, thank God it wasn`t.,” Young said.

Police arrested Hedrick at the school and booked him in jail for trespassing and lying to police about his identity.

However, it wasn't the first time officers have had dealings with him.
Hedrick was arrested just a few weeks ago for DUI, possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon.

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