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Woman’s smile lands her the surprise of a lifetime

**Embargo: Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PA** Ray Alexander Rosario wasn't having the best day when he met Amber Delp a couple of months ago.

York County, PA (WPMT) – “It’s something special, right? There`s something there… You just want to hug her.”

Ray Alexander Rosario wasn’t having the best day when he met Amber Delp a couple of months ago.

“I glanced over to Amber and here she was, giving out samples– smiling at everyone.”

She works at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in the York Galleria Mall, “I do samples, like cut ’em up– on a tray and I say ‘customers, want samples?’”

While she can often be found with pretzel dogs or cinnamon sugar pretzel bites in hand– She’s known for her unwavering positivity… And her smile.

“The smile was just so, I needed it at the moment, and it was real.”

See after his initial interaction with Amber, Ray says he knew he needed to repay her for the smile she gave him that day. So he reached out to Amber’s mom, Beth.

“Do you know if she likes anyone performing at the fair? And she said Yes! She is a big fan of 5 Seconds of Summer. Right there it clicked.”

Ray gave Amber 4 tickets to see her favorite band at the York Fair…

Beth took Amber and her friend Olivia to the show. Amber says it was amazing to see her favorite band, “It was good, I like all the lights and the stage is so cool. I love 5 Seconds of Summer. I love them. I know all the songs.”

Amber says she will remember that night forever, “It was the best day for my friend and me.”

Ray is feeling grateful that he was able to pay it forward to a young woman who inspired him so deeply.

“I’m hoping it made her feel the way she made me feel that day– Uh I needed a smile… It all came full– back full circle you know– it all came back to that smile.”

And it is that smile that Ray says he looks forward to seeing for years to come.

“I think we have a connection now.”

And the pair, not only bonded by a smile– but by social media too…

“Me and Ray are best friends on Facebook and we have great times together” Ray and Amber plan to see 5 Seconds of Summer together the next time the band comes to Central PA. Amber says she loves working at Auntie Anne’s and says she will be working there for years to come.