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Residents want deer hunting to stop in their neighborhood

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A neighborhood is taking a stand against deer hunting in the residential community.

It's the start of bow hunting season, and folks who live in Preston subdivision said the hunters are disturbing their peace and wildlife.

Roy Wood lived there for quite some time. He said it's more like entrapment than good old-fashioned hunting.

"The basic reason for our protest is we don't want it to happen again this year, what happened last year with the deer kill," Wood said.

Preston neighbors said they're losing the deer in the neighborhood.

"Our neighborhood basically backs up to Martin nature park, so all the deer that people enjoy at Martin nature park all day long in the evening, they migrate up through the back of our neighborhoods," Wood said.

It is legal to hunt deer on your property with a bow in city limits.

Revolution Resources owns the land. The oil company told us there is a camera on the property to only take pictures of the deer and not to hunt them.

"This year, they came back yesterday, one day before bow season begins, setup cameras and deer feeders," Wood said.

Wood said, in the past, the hunters have been hunting the deer in a manner he said is wrong.

"They're very used to seeing us on our back porches, they walk right by us, nod their heads and keep moving," Wood said.

Wood said the deer are friendly and walk up to anyone, and the hunters take advantage of that, killing them as they get close searching for food.

"I'm not against hunting at all; I have been a hunter in the past. I don't consider it hunting when the deer are not at all afraid of the person holding the bow," Wood said.

A statement from Revolution Resources said:

"The property in question was recently acquired by Revolution Resources. Since that acquisition, absolutely no hunting has been allowed or will be allowed on the property. Its Revolution Resources policy that no firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on property owned by Revolution."

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