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Guthrie one-year-old doing fine after falling from bleachers

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A Guthrie mom is holding her baby a little bit tighter after what could have been a tragic accident.

Her one-year-old son was at a high school football game this past Friday, when he tumbled off of the bleachers.

It was Henry Yearby’s first Guthrie football game. His grandparents were watching him when he was playing tag with some other kids and fell about 6 feet from the bleachers to the field.

“I've been through a lot and it's just amazing that my son is ok,” said Megan Blewett, Henry’s mom.

Blewett was on her way to the Guthrie football game when she got the call that Henry was going to the hospital.

“I was like 'oh my God my baby,'” said Blewett. “I just started bawling. I`m overwhelmed. I just think blood and a busted head. So when I got to the hospital I just grabbed him like 'Oh my god. You're ok.'”

After getting checked out at OU Children's, the doctors sent him home.

Blewett says it's nothing short of a miracle that he walked away with just a bump and bruise on his head.

“He had a pretty good bruise on the side of his head,” said Blewett. “It was pretty red. It`s still kind of red. They checked him out and said everything looked fine.”

She`s been blown away by the community`s support during this difficult time.

“They stopped the game,” said Blewett. “They let everybody know, like come. It gives you a relief and a peace of mind like if my child does go somewhere without me it’s ok. People are there. People aren`t always bad. It`s a really good feeling.”

Blewett`s cherishing every moment with Henry a little more now.

“No words can describe it,” said Blewett. “I`ve been through a lot. Actually, he is my second and he`s the only one I have so he means a lot to me.”

Amazingly, the doctors do not think Henry suffered a concussion from the fall. He's doing just fine now.

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