Neighbors upset to find out construction crew is drinking alcohol, leaving trash on the site

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Northwest Oklahoma City residents are upset to find trash littered across the neighborhood. They told us they noticed the problem a few months ago when the city hired a contractor to put in new sidewalks.

“There`s been water bottles, wrappers, food wrappers just everywhere. They`ve thrown trash in our trash can,” said Layne Williams.

Snapshots taken by residents paint a vivid picture of what neighbors here in Brookhaven West said they're dealing with.

“They don`t pick up after themselves and I hate going out there picking it up,” said Williams.

Williams said fast food cups, wrappers and nails left are on driveways sidewalks and in the street. Folks said Davidson Concrete and Construction is to blame.

“Every day they worked on our sidewalk and we noticed an increase in trash,” said Williams.

The contractor with the city is putting in new sidewalks for the neighborhood. However, Jamie Piatt and others in the neighborhood say the sidewalks are becoming a hazard.

“It`s a lack of a compassion because they know I`m on a knee walker and they`ve seen me fall over water bottles,” said Piatt.

Besides the alleged littering folks also claim the workers are drinking on the job and Piatt said she can believe it.

“I do, I really do. As much as time as they spend out here they should have more done than what they have right now,” Piatt said.

The drinking allegations were brought to our attention when neighbors said they found beer cans and bottle caps littered across the neighborhood near the construction site.
A spokesperson for the contractor told News 4, they were notified that employees stayed behind after their shift and were drinking on the site --- but never during work hours. The spokesperson went on to say this was a one time of occurrence and it was addressed as soon as the company received the information.

As for the neighbors, they just want the sidewalks fixed and the complaints addressed accordingly.

“They`re kind of difficult to deal with, they`re not very nice and they`re not very friendly and they haven`t got a lot of things done,” said Piatt.

Because of the afterhours drinking on the site, a spokesperson said a foreman will have to stay on site until every employee has gone home for the day.
A City Spokesperson said officials are investigating the claims.

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