Body camera footage shows chaotic scene after man electrocuted along Bricktown Canal

OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities have released body camera footage following a man’s tragic death in Bricktown

City officials say a man was leaning against a bollard light along the canal on Sunday night when it suddenly gave way, sending him into the canal.

“He stopped and leaned up against one of the lighting bollards, and the bollard fell into the canal and took the man with him. And as he was trying to get out of the canal, he grabbed onto the bollard and the wires and that’s when the electrocution, from what I understood, took place,” said Kristy Yager, with the City of Oklahoma City.

Another man, who reportedly did not know the first victim , jumped into the canal to try to save him.

Fire officials say when they arrived, the first man had been pulled from the canal by bystanders.

“They were even getting shocked as they tried to grab the first individual and try to pull him out, so they were not able to do that. That’s how we knew we were dealing with an electrical current in this water,” said Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

One of the man died from his injuries, while the other remains in critical condition.

The man who died has been identified as 23-year-old Wesley Seeley.

On Thursday, officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department released body camera footage from Sunday night.

The video shows the chaotic scene as first responders attempt to treat and resuscitate the victim.

Since Seeley's death, crews with the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department say they found an issue with 18 of the bollards along the canal.

In all, 18 of the bollards were loose and are now marked off with caution tape. Seven of the bollards were beyond repair and have been removed.

City officials say they are speaking with electrical experts to find ways to possibly reduce the voltage for the lighting system.