Despite ‘extensive searches’ woman’s body not found: Court documets

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Despite extensive searches by police, the body of a woman presumed murdered still hasn't been found.

David Uriel Shores, 48, was arrested last week in Oklahoma City on illegal credit card possession and first degree murder charges. He's currently being held without bond, suspected in the death of Susan Freehauf.

Freehauf, 52, was last heard from by her boss on September 20. When she failed to show up to work last week, a co-worker stopped by her apartment at 4317 SW 22nd Street. The co-worker was met at Freehauf's apartment on September 24 by a man who identified himself as "David," according to court documents, and said Freehauf had suffered a "medical episode" in Broken Arrow and was in a Tulsa hospital.

Freehauf's boss tried to call her cell phone and it was answered by a man named "David" and repeated the claim that Freehauf was in a Tulsa hospital. However, when police checked with Tulsa hospitals, Freehauf could not be found.

After giving police different last names and dates of birth over the phone, "David" agreed to meet police at a local store, but never showed up. However her vehicle, a 2015 white four door Kia Forte, was spotted by police near Reno and S. Meridian shortly after 6:30 p.m. that evening. Police approached the car at a gas station and made contact with a man who was identified as Shores. Police found Freehauf's driver's license, debit cards and $200 in cash, matching a withdrawal made from Freehauf's account earlier that day.

When police entered Freehauf's apartment, detectives found several large blood stains on the living room carpet and pad, according to court documents. One stain was still wet and so large that it soaked through the carpet, padding to the concrete flow below. Police also found evidence of blood spatter on the living room walls, traces of blood on a vacuum, bathtub and clothes in the washing machine. According to court documents, there were also large bleach spots on the carpet and wipe marks on the wall that appeared to be attempts at cleaning the blood.

Investigators believe, according to an arrest warrant and search warrant affidavits, that Shores murdered Freehauf. A number of pieces of evidence have been collected, including carpet, a vacuum cleaner, car seat fabric as well as blades of grass, according to the search warrant returns.

"As of October 1, 2018 Susan (Freehauf) has not been located," wrote Homicide Unit Inspector Chris Cunningham in the most recent search warrant affidavit. "Investigators have conducted extensive searches in an attempt to locate Susan's body," and that further testing and analysis may be needed.


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