Former Oklahoma astronaut kills 12-foot-long alligator in Florida

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WEATHERFORD, Okla. – A former Oklahoma astronaut continues to make history, even though he is in his late 80s.

Oklahoma-native Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford took part in four space missions while he was an astronaut, including one trip to the moon. He became well-known for his work on board Gemini VI, including the first rendezvous in space with the Gemini VII spacecraft in 1965.

Recently, the 88-year-old former astronaut and avid hunter decided to celebrate his birthday with a hunt in the Florida Everglades.

In his inaugural hunt, Stafford killed a 12-foot long, 425-pound alligator with a laser-sighted crossbow. It was the largest gator taken so far this year in Florida.

Just two days later, Stafford flew to Moscow to attend a week-long meeting of American and Russian Federation space officials to review safety standards for the International Space Station.

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