Man caught stealing from Habitat for Humanity construction site

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man was caught stealing from a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Northwest Oklahoma City.

Now, authorities have a good look at the suspect, thanks to a neighbor who was jogging by the home, saw what was happening and pulled out his phone.

Habitat for Humanity builds homes for people in need.

The home off NW 72nd and Council was almost complete, but a thief may have just set the non-profit back after stealing thousands of dollars of materials and they say this isn't the first time.

"We've had windows pulled out of the openings, doors pulled out of the openings,” said Aaron McRee, Construction Manager for Habitat for Humanity. “The list goes on. If it's there, they will take it.”

The man was caught stealing boards from the site.

A neighbor who was jogging around the area took a snapshot of him in the act.

“It was extremely frustrating for one because it is a time loss for us and it's also a monetary loss for the family and for Habitat for Humanity,” said McRee.

McRee also realized this wasn't the only place that took a hit over the weekend.

Another home being built near Moore lost over $2,000 worth of materials.

McRee believes it's the same suspect.

“Our entire package of boards, which is about 110 sheets, was gone,” said McRee. “That happened about 12:30 Sunday morning. A neighbor that lives across the street had seen him and his vehicle fits the description of the individual that was over here.”

Volunteers put so much hard work into building these homes for families, so McRee says the thieves have to stop.

“With the time and effort that you put into stealing, you could probably find a good job,” said McRee.

He hopes neighbors keep doing their duty. If you see something, say something.

“They're the key to helping stop this,” said McRee. “Law enforcement can't be everywhere at any time.”

If you recognize the man in the picture, call OKCPD.

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