Oklahoma animal shelter overwhelmed with abandoned animals

ARDMORE, Okla. – An Oklahoma animal shelter is overwhelmed after hundreds of animals were abandoned over the last few weeks.

Officials with the Ardmore Animal Shelter say 175 abandoned dogs were dropped off at the shelter this week alone.

“For some reason, this year we’re just really getting hit with a lot of unwanted animals,” said Beth Marshall, with the board of directors for the shelter. “And it’s every day.”

In all, officials say there were 500 dogs left at the shelter throughout the month of September.

At this point, staff members are doing everything in their power to care for all of the dogs. However, they say the sheer number of animals is making it difficult for potential adopters.

“It makes it a little bit harder for them to really get to see a dog when there’s two and three in one cage hopping around,” Amanda Dinwiddie told KXII.

All adoption fees for dogs are half price through the month of October.

There is also a $10 adoption special for dogs and cats who are senior age, have special needs or have been in the shelter more than two weeks.