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Oklahoma volunteer firefighter, friends injured after chase suspect crashes into them 

TULSA, Okla. – A volunteer firefighter in northeast Oklahoma and his friends are recovering in the hospital after they were injured when a chase suspect hit their truck.

Over the weekend, Michael Galbraith Jr., 20, a volunteer firefighter with the Rolling Hills Fire Department, was taking four of his friends home from the Tulsa State Fair.

At the same time, police were pursuing a suspect who was driving 100 miles per hour on the highway. At one point, police had to terminate the pursuit due to high speeds within the city.

Near 31st and Garnett, the suspect crashed into Galbraith’s truck – ejecting three people and pinning Galbraith and one other person.

“You know when you get that call, you think you’ve lost your son,” said Michael Galbraith Sr., who is also a firefighter.

He says he’s responded to many crashes like his son’s throughout his career, and it’s a miracle they all survived.

“I’d probably say that’s a miracle from God,” he said.

Galbraith Jr. and his passengers were all sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Galbraith Jr. has several broken bones and pelvis issues. The suspect was also taken the hospital with serious injuries.

“This is not something that was just a minor crash. Their injuries are very significant. Some will take months and event years to fully recover from this,” Galbraith Sr.

According to FOX 23, charges against the suspect are still pending.

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