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New details released in Putnam City West High School alleged sexual assault investigation

OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities have released new details after Putnam City officials said a student was allegedly sexually assaulted by four other students at Putnam City West High School.

Putnam City Campus Police say on September 29, at around 10:00 p.m., school officials received an email notification through an online bullying reporting system.

The email stated that an anonymous student witnessed an assault that happened on September 28 around 2:45 p.m. in the Putnam City West football locker room.

Putnam City West High School

The anonymous student witnessed the victim being carried from the freshman side of the locker room to the varsity side. The witness said they saw someone "grab a broomstick and shove the stick up [the victim's] rectum."

On October 1, school officials started contacting students and staff to investigate the report.

As more information was being gathered, "more reports were coming in that the assault occurred," read the report.

School officials met with the students listed in the email report and determined that a fourth student "aided in the assault by holding [the victim's] hands down while the victim was assaulted by others with a broomstick."

"All four confessed verbally and in written statements to participating in the assault of [the victim] with the broomstick," according to Putnam City Campus Police.

The suspects said in written statements that the broomstick or "the stick" has been passed down from class to class. Police say it's a form of hazing referred to as "brooming," and "normally involvesĀ students chasing each other around with the broom stick."

This is the first report of an assault occurring from hazing within the football program.

The victim confirmed that the suspects "carried him from the freshman locker room to the varsity locker room and assaulted him in the rectum with a broom

School officials recommended the victim see a physician.

A police report states the suspects were disciplined by the school until the investigation was complete.

The district told News 4 on Wednesday that one employee was placed on leave, but could not name them, citing privacy issues.