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Oklahoma game warden saves deputy from man with knife

SULPHUR, Okla. - A game warden quickly jumped into action, stopping a man who approached him and a Murray County deputy with a knife.

Lt. Casey Young, the Murray County game warden, told News 4 you never know what you'll encounter on the job.

"Everybody loves to hear game warden stories just because they can get so crazy with what you run into," Young said.

Sunday night, after picking up some paperwork from the Murray County Sheriff's Office, Young was chatting with the deputy outside when the two were caught in a dire situation.

"Right outside the sheriff's office is a car port type thing where they park to book people into jail or to pick people up. A deputy was in there, and he was preparing his Tahoe for that evening's work shift," Young said.

That's when Young noticed a man walking toward them. When he got to a wall near the car port, Young could tell the man was trying to keep the wall between him, Young and the deputy.

"So, it started making me a little bit cautious, but I'm still talking to him. So, I go around to the passenger side of the Tahoe," Young said. "As he rounds the corner, he removes a fixed blade knife from his sheaf. Starts down, his walk has slowed a little bit."

Young said he jumped right into action when the man starting inching closer to the deputy.

"Partially in shock and in disbelief that this is happening, I draw my firearm and, immediately, as soon as I give orders, he drops his stuff, lays down," Young said.

Turns out the suspect, Calvin Lee Smith, had two knives on him.

The two arrested him on assault charges, later learning something that made the whole ordeal even more alarming.

"The sheriff's department, I guess he had gone in and just plainly told them that your deputies are easy targets. Of course, we knew none of this beforehand, but it shocks you when you saw how close he got to that deputy," Young said. "It was a little scary, a little crazy, but it worked out really well."

Smith has spent time in prison in the past for drug possession, DUI and burglary.

The deputy, Brandon Eddy, was out of town and unable to speak with us on camera. He told News 4 he's glad things turned out the way they did, adding Young did an amazing job.

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