Best Friends to Become Red River Rivals

The Red River Rivalry has a unique Okie outlook this year.

Demariyon Houston is a Millwood wide receiver who’s committed to Texas.

While on his very own offense is Marcus Major who’s set to be a Sooner.

The dominant duo’s the first teammates in Oklahoma committed to the two schools since 2002.

I guess you could say business is booming again for the Falcons.

“Just getting back to being the regular Millwood,” Houston said.  “Getting the scholarships that we need to, producing for the team and just bringing the scouts back out.”

“It’s just really a blessing,” Major said.  “That’s all you can ask for.  It’s all God.  I’m proud of him like always.  I’m proud of both of us, and glad to be in this position.”

When it comes to tradition the two Falcons were indifferent on which school has more.

“I’m going to let him answer that,” Major said.  “I’m going to let him answer that.”

“I’m going to let him know that I know that Texas got it,” Houston said.  “That’s it.”

“All I can say is Boomer Sooner,” Major said.  “That’s all I got to say.  We’re going to let the game speak for itself.”

“Hook it up,” Houston said.

“We’re going to let the game speak for itself,” Major said.

Houston and Major know their way around a football field, and the same could be said for Saturday in regards to their plans to watch the Red River Rivalry.

“Your house or my house?”  Houston said.

“I’ll be attending his house to watch the game, so I can brag about it,” Major said.  “His mom cooks us a good meal, so I’d like to eat and watch the game.  Just have a good time.”

“To tell you the truth, we’re probably going to be sleeping in two different places in the house,” Houston said.

“Wrong,” Major said.  “That’s what he does.  I’m going to stay up for the whole game, and going to see whats going to happen.  That’s what he does.”

Looking ahead to their own trip down the Cotton Bowl tunnel there’s thoughts of competition and gratitude.

“It’s going to be fun, but it’s going to be competitive,” Major said.  “It’s going to be competitive, but at the same time I’m going to be excited.  We made it.  We finally made it.  We’ve all been dreaming of this for a long time.  We’ve been talking about it for a long time.  When I see him I’m going to be very proud of him, but when it’s game time then he knows it’s on.”

Regardless of what happens the bond they share won’t be separated by the Red River.

“We mean a lot to each other,” Major said.  “When one of us is down we go to each other and ask them what’s wrong.  Pull them to the side, like we’re in school, and pull them aside like what’s going on?  He’ll tell us.  All we can do is keep moving forward.  Keep our head up whatever situation it is, and just talk about it.  Be there for each other.”

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