Man speaks out after being stabbed multiple times while walking to convenience store in northwest Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Travis walked from a barbershop to the 7-Eleven at N.W. 94th and Council last Wednesday to grab a drink. On his way, he said a black Ford F-250 drove by.

"They threw something out the window, and I just happened to turn around and look. I don't know if the guy thought I made eye contact with him or what,” Travis said.

It's unclear what the item was or if it was intentionally thrown at him.

Police said the truck then pulled into the 7-Eleven.

"They came flying right at me, asking if I had a problem and so many colorful words, and I told them I didn't want to fight with them," Travis said.

Travis said the driver of the truck punched him.

"When I defended myself, the passenger stabbed me several times,” he said.

Travis stumbled back to the barbershop for help.

"I saw him come into the shop, and we saw four large wounds across his back. He was bleeding profusely,” said Debbie Armstrong.

It turns out Travis was stabbed more than five times and had to undergo an hours-long surgery and get 26 staples.

"They had cut some nerves, some arteries, some muscle was basically cut two thirds of the way through so they had to reattach that to stop all of the blood,” he said.

Travis asked News 4 to hide his face for fear they will recognize him and retaliate. He hopes someone will recognize surveillance photos - photos police said show one distinctive feature.

"Either they work at the same business because they had the same business shirt on. It's like a grey or a light blue shirt,” said Captain Bo Mathews with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

And, what looks to be a brand-new black truck with black rims and a dream catcher on the rear view mirror.

"I definitely want these guys off the street because the next person they attack isn't going to be as lucky as me,” Travis said.

If you recognize the suspect, call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300. You can also leave a tip online.

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