Oklahoma Watches and Warnings

Polite, caring kid hoping to find his adoptive family

OKLAHOMA CITY - Bobby has been in foster care for almost five years, so he is hoping to find a permanent family.

Bobby is polite, caring and a very happy kid.

Like most other 9-year-old boys, he loves video games.

"There's little remote control dragons. My favorite, the hideous Zippleback," he said.

Bobby says he likes bowling and making arts and crafts.

"Well, I like to make my favorite thing, which is making little tron suits. I've made like 15 of them for all of the kids," he said.

When he mentions "all of the kids," he's likely thinking of the 15 other children he currently lives with at a group home.

"Eventually, I'll buy the shoes for the trons," he added.

An adoptive family with a sister and brother is also on his wish list.

"I'm trying to look for a mother and a father in my family. That's pretty much all," he says.

Bobby says he has thought a lot about the future with a family, and hopes to one day live in a rural area and attend a small school.

Right now, Bobby is rolling with what life has to offer him and dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.

He’s a curious kid with a giving heart.

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