Edmond Public Schools looking to expel rumors about threats on social media

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EDMOND, Okla. – Lisa Adams, principal at Summit Middle School, sent out an email to parents this afternoon in an attempt to quell rumors about threats at the school on Friday.

A Instagram story on “officialsummitconfessions” mentions a school shooting for Friday.

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School officials say there is no credible threat at Summit middle school and social media posts are conjecture and rumors.

“Dear Summit Families:
Nothing is more important to me in my work with your children than their safety and well-being. In fact, school safety precedes instruction as a site goal.  Also vital is accurate, intentional communication between school and home, as well as the converse.
For these reasons, I want to share with you that our school’s administrative team and school staff dealt with reports and rumors connected to two separate incidents on Friday.  Both were thoroughly investigated and addressed in a collaborative effort, including school staff and our county sheriff’s deputy SRO assigned to Summit.
I want to assure you that at no time on Friday were our students at risk.  If they had been, you would have heard from me immediately. I have chosen to contact you now, having been advised that convoluted and inaccurate misinformation about the two incidents has been shared on social media outside of the school’s control and passed on by word-of-mouth as if it were fact.  Again, having been directly involved in the investigation and untangling of events Friday, I can assure you that your children were safe on Friday and will again be safe on Monday. I would like to add that in the time it has taken me to write this letter to you, social media has provided a space for the story to be exaggerated and passed on outside of the Summit family. I have advised law enforcement of the additional layer of concern social media has created for our students and their families.
If at any time you are concerned about a safety issue at Summit, please consider my number your first call.  After school hours and weekends, my email provides the quickest access, ensuring a call back to you at the number you provide. Whether you want to share first-hand information or to discern the credibility of a likely rumor, we are safest when we are working together.  Thank you for your continued partnership and trust.”

Parents on Facebook cite frustration with the vague language of the email, saying they had no clue anything was happening and the email did not clarify what the incidents were.

You can find the post here.

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