Cleanup underway after tornado hits town of Fairfax

FAIRFAX, Okla. - Several buildings are damaged following a tornado that ripped through the town of Fairfax over the weekend.

Debris, shattered glass and tree limbs could be seen scattered throughout the town after the tornado tore through town Sunday night.

"I've lived here all my life and I've never heard the wind whistle like it did, like watching a movie you know, and I thought somebody was knocking, so I ran to the front door and it was shaking, looked like it was going to break," Clinton Staples, who lives in Fairfax, said.

Staples said as soon as things calmed down, he rushed downtown to Main Street where the storm took its toll on many businesses.

"I work for the county and the state, blocked the highway here in the middle of town and I came in and swept all the glass and put it all to the sides to the curb so they could pick it up," Staples said. "It was bad."

Some of the more severe damage was at the liquor store on Main Street where the roof caved in.

"I've heard that some of the businesses that took the most damage were owned by the same people so, it's a double whammy for them," Lt. Phillip Ludwyck with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Authorities closed off Highway 18, which turns into Main Street, for several hours overnight while they assessed the damage and crews worked to restore power to the area.

"ODOT has been working to clear the highway through town. They used their equipment to remove all the debris and we'll have deputies from the sheriff`s office and the police department here in Fairfax just patrolling all night just to make sure nobody tries to loot any of the businesses," Lt. Ludwyck said overnight.

While the storm wreaked havoc throughout the heart of downtown, the good news is authorities had no reports of any injuries.

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