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Traffic light issues causing headaches for drivers in Chickasha

CHICKASHA, Okla. - Traffic lights in Chickasha are driving some folks crazy.

Misty Bradley says she is stuck fighting a ticket that she received for going through a red light.

Bradley says the light at 4th and Missouri changes from yellow to red too quickly, and she didn't have time to stop.

“I was like wow,” said Bradley. “You don't have time to stop from the yellow to the red.”

When News 4 went to the light, our crews recorded an average time of 2.5 to 2.9 seconds from when the light changes from yellow to red.

“You never know when your lights are going to change or if they're going to change at all,” said Bradley.

Bradley also got video a few days after her ticket of another timing issue at 4th and Minnesota.

She says she waited over two minutes to turn, and other drivers got tired of waiting and ran the light.

“It's dangerous,” said Bradley.

Chickasha City Manager, John Noblitt tells News 4 they've been working on a project to fix the lights for years, but just put in a bid for it in July.

They're using $137,000 to update the technology on all 13 of the intersections from Chickasha Avenue to Country Club Road.

“It will take some time, but it is designed to pick up the traffic counts and adjust to the traffic counts and fix the signal timing across the board,” said Noblitt.

In the meantime, he says drivers need to be patient and careful.

“We do encourage you to please follow all safety signals and signs, but if you do encounter an issue like this, if you`ll contact city hall,” said Noblitt.

Noblitt says they'll start replacing the technology at the lights around the end of the month.

They hope to have all 13 intersections done before the start of next year.

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