Native American students fighting new district policy about graduation

VIAN, Okla. – High school graduation is an important moment for many families and students, but some students in one Oklahoma school district believe a district policy will put a damper on their big day.

Natalie Briggs is a senior at Vian High School, but she says a traditional honor is now banned due to the school district’s new policy.

Vian’s school policy makes it clear that students can’t alter or display anything on their gowns or caps for graduation. However, a new policy is upsetting many families.

Family members say it is tradition for Native American students to wear an eagle feather in their cap on graduation day to symbolize the accomplishment.

“It’s an honor. If you have an achievement and you’ll get it, you receive it from somebody,” Briggs told KJRH.

The policy is upsetting to many, especially since more than half of the students in Vian are Native American.

Members of the Cherokee Nation’s Attorney General’s Office spoke at a recent school board meeting in favor of the students.

Vian’s superintendent said they will review the policy and discuss it with students and parents.