Neighbors say trampoline flew over 1.5 miles, landed in power lines after storms

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Across the metro, you'll find people picking up the pieces after Tuesday’s storms.

One of many areas hit hard by severe weather was the southwest side of Oklahoma City.

The neighborhood off Southwest 81st has quite a bit of damage.

A couple neighbors have to clean up and rebuild an entire wall that was damaged by the high winds.

A trampoline was also stuck in the power lines and nearly caused a fire.

“I was just sitting down casually watching TV, and we just heard a lot of the wind,” said Maria Godinez, a resident.

Godinez said, the next thing she knew, she heard a big boom and lost power.

“We looked outside, and the trampoline was hanging off of there so we don't really know what happened,” she said. “I thought it was going to catch on fire.”

News 4 was there as OG&E crews took the trampoline down, cut the line and worked to restore the power in the neighborhood.

Godinez said things could've been much worse

“I didn't expect it at all,” she said. “I thought it was just rain and that's about it. Very scary.”

News 4 talked to several neighbors.

No one knew who owned the trampoline, until a viewer called us. They said Kathy Williams posted on Facebook that her trampoline was missing after Tuesday’s storms and she thinks the one stuck in the power lines is hers.

“If that is my trampoline and it's flying through the air, it could really hurt somebody,” Williams said.

If it is in fact Williams's trampoline, that means it traveled over one and a half miles south, flying over I-240 before landing in the power lines on Southwest 81st.

“It's just crazy,” she said.

Thankfully, no one was hurt at either location.

“I was amused, shocked and so glad my dogs were in the house because it looked like something crazy happened out here,” Williams said.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said, from Tuesday’s storms, they responded to seven calls of power line damage.

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