Three arrested in connection to copper thefts that caused $12.5 million in damage to oil sites

OKLAHOMA CITY – Three men have been taken into custody after allegedly causing millions of dollars in damage to oil sites in southeast Oklahoma City.

In September, detectives began investigating numerous reports of copper thefts from New Dominion Oil sites located around S.E. 44th St. and Bryant.

Investigators learned that transformers and drives were permanently damaged during the copper thefts, resulting in about $12.5 million in damage to the company.

Following an in-depth investigation, authorities were able to catch three people in the act.

Authorities arrested 28-year-old Cody Taber, 28-year-old Austin Taber and 45-year-old Rodolfo Perez.

Cody Taber was arrested on a complaint of dealing in junk metals without a license, while Austin Taber was arrested for eluding a police officer leaving the scene of an accident and possession of stolen property.

Perez was arrested on complaints of dealing in junk metals without a license, possession of stolen property and use of a surveillance camera in the commission of a felony.