“You need to go to the ER right away,” Baby of the family battling deadly disease

CASHION, Okla. - He has an unusual name, and is the baby of a unique family as well.

Wolfgang Brown is the eighth child in his Cashion family and his siblings often affectionately just call him "baby" instead of his given name.

"He's definitely been one of our more energetic children," says Evy Brown about her baby, who will turn 2-yeas-old on Halloween. "From the beginning, he was running around, and I have trouble keeping up with him so I send the other kids to chase him."

Just before the Memorial holiday, Wolfgang was slowing down, and getting fussy. His mother recalls

"We went to the doctor and she said, 'It could just be a little virus, or it could be deadly and you need to go to the ER right away,'" she said.

Jimmy Everest Oncologist Dr. Ashley Baker remembers Wolfgang's arrival at the hospital.

"For a few days, he started having bruising, and these spots, and a nose bleed. The family knew that wasn't quite right," Dr. Baker said.

The diagnosis turned out to be acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or ALL. The news was a blow to the Browns, and brought an extra dose of fear since they'd recently lost an aunt to the disease.

"I've had to stop reading the internet and all the stories about leukemia on there" says Evy Brown.

Thankfully, Jimmy Everest Cancer Center not only provided immediate care and reassurance, but also hope for a cure.

Dr Baker says in Wolfgang's case, he's needed 16 blood transfusions so far.

"With the chemotherapy, one of the side effects is it affects your bone marrow and blood counts, so patients do need blood transfusions" says Dr Baker.

She says she admires the way the Brown family has rallied around their youngest family member, altering all their summer activities to make sure he's at the clinic for his many treatments, and being there for him every step of the way.

"We had no idea Jimmy Everest Center was here until we needed it. Everyone here has been wonderful," Evy Brown adds.

Brown says the community of Cashion has also stepped in with help when she least expected it.

"I'm a shy person, but I've ended up meeting so many neighbors in Cashion who have provided food for our family, and cared for my other children while we've been in the hospital with Wolfgang," she said.

Wolfgang's leukemia is now in remission, but since his cancer is considered high risk, he'll remain in maintenance chemotherapy for the next three years.

This summer, dealing with cancer has been difficult for the Brown family, but love for Wolfgang and each other is pulling them together.

If you'd like to help kids like Wolfgang fight cancer, consider donating to JECFriends.org.

'Kids with Courage' is sponsored by the Jimmy Everest Center. 

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