Elephant at Oklahoma City Zoo expecting calf any day now

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Asian elephant at the Oklahoma City Zoo is expecting to give birth to her calf any day now!

Zoo officials say 23-year-old Asha’s progesterone levels have dropped, which means there is a two to four day window for the calf to arrive. The gestation period for elephants is 22 months.

Staff say Asha gained around 1,000 pounds throughout her pregnancy.

To prepare for her delivery, caretakers have provided extra comfort for her in the form of large sand piles, where she can lay comfortably to sleep. She has also been participating in birth practice with her caretakers on a weekly basis and continues to exercise with the herd.

Asha is already the mother to 3-year-old Achara,  the zoo’s youngest Asian elephant.

After Asha gives birth, that will bring the herd to seven at the zoo.

Asian elephants are an endangered species. Their greatest threat, currently, is habitat destruction.

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