“I don’t need that much,” Former patient says she was over-prescribed opioids

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SHERMAN, Texas – A former patient is speaking out about a Texas doctor who has pleaded guilty to federal drug charges.

In July of 2017, Dr. Howard Gregg Diamond was arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Federal prosecutors alleged that Diamond began issuing prescriptions for drugs like hydrocodone and morphine to patients for no legitimate medical purpose.

As a result, prosecutors say seven patients died as a result of an overdose. Authorities say three of the deaths occurred in Texas, while the other four patients lived in Oklahoma.

The patients in Oklahoma were from Ardmore, Idabel, Hugo and Yukon.

Now, a former patient of Diamond’s is speaking out about her struggles with opioid addiction.

“And he gave me prescriptions. And the oxycodone that he gave me was 30 milligram, five times a day. And the next month I went in, I said, ‘Can you cut this in half? I don’t need that much,” she told KXII.

The patient, who didn’t want to be identified, said she began seeing Dr. Diamond for her fibromyalgia. She says he never asked many questions and simply prescribed her large dosages of opioids.

In fact, she says she had to go to different pharmacies because no single pharmacy would fill the amount of pain killers she was prescribed. When she realized that she was becoming addicted to the opioids, she made the choice to stop taking them.

“At the beginning of August, or the end of July, I quit doing them and I was hopitalized for a week. It was withdrawals. I threw up for two full days,” she said.

She says her blood pressure and vitals were unstable for weeks.

“I have four prescriptions in there that I didn’t fill for him. One’s pain, one’s a muscle relaxer that they just won’t even prescribe anymore, Valium and morphine,” she said.

According to KXII, Diamond pleaded guilty to federal drug distribution and fraud violations. He agreed to a sentence of 20 years in federal prison, waived his right to appeal and forfeited his DEA registration number.

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