National Weather Service: Several confirmed tornadoes touched down across the state

NORMAN, Okla. - As strong storms moved through the state on Tuesday morning, officials say several small tornadoes touched down in communities around the metro.

The National Weather Service confirmed that at least six tornadoes hit areas across the state on Tuesday morning.

Officials say an EF1 tornado touched down southeast of Lake Draper, while another EF1 was recorded in Midwest City.

"It's just devastating to ya," John Coates, the owner of Tomcat Aviation in Midwest City, told News 4.

Minutes before he pulled up to a devastating scene at his business, Coates said he received an urgent phone call from one of his employees.

"I answered the phone, and he said that we just got hit with a tornado, the roof is off on part of the building," Coates said. "My heart just sank."

Around the same time, fire crews responded to the JCPenney near SE 29th and Air Depot, where strong winds tossed several cars into the air.

"My manager called on the PA system and said that the cars were damaged. I came up here to the front, and they were stacked on top of each other," said Sherry Martin, who was inside JCPenney at the time.

The National Weather Service says EF0 tornadoes touched down in Choctaw, near Lake Thunderbird and in northeast Oklahoma City.

Choctaw Fire Chief Loren Bumgarner told News 4 the city sustained moderate damage, likely around half a mile's worth.

"Fences, roofs, a little shed, damage to a pretty good-sized barn," he said, describing damage. "OG&E and their power pole is probably the worst. The others are fences, debris in yards that just blew away."

Officials with the National Weather Service say a tornado also hit the town of Marietta, but crews have been unable to determine its intensity yet.

“My backdoor flew open. Debris, wind, rain, water just flying into our house,” said Lauren Love. “There was wind and, I promise, I thought the train was right outside my bedroom door-window. And, then, all of a sudden, this house shook like we were having an earthquake.”

Officials told News 4 that at least seven homes were damaged and one had its entire roof torn off by the wind.

Crews say they will continue to investigate, which may lead to updates on the number and intensity of the tornadoes.

So far this year, there have been 39 tornadoes across the state.

Oklahoma sees roughly 56 tornadoes on average each year.