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OKC family scares off burglar with loudspeaker

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A family says they caught a burglar on camera stealing from their vehicles—and told him via loud speaker to get lost.

“Get out of here!,” the man could be heard yelling at the suspect.

Savannah Hans and her husband says they have a Ring security system.

“We have a Ring camera, so it alerts our cell phone when there’s motion in our driveway,” said Hans. “So that camera went off about four o’clock in the morning.”

They checked the camera and saw the man taking things from their cars.

“Some change, he got some keys but he ditched them down the road,” said Hans. “They were keys to a different vehicle that wasn’t here.”

When the suspect heard Hans’ husband over the speaker, the ducked behind the cars and took off.

But he had a Cinderella moment: he left a shoe behind on the driveway. It was taken in as evidence.

“It kind of just makes you feel like uneasy,” said Hans. “Like, it makes you feel violated like somebody’s in your stuff that shouldn’t be there.”

Police are looking for a white man who took off in a two-door Jeep.

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