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Turkeys trotting through The Village have residents abuzz

THE VILLAGE, Okla. - Residents in The Village are flocking to social media with acts of fowl play in their neighborhood.

One gobbler, even posting up on the roof of a home.

Some said they've only seen one, others said two to three, others said dozens.

"My husband collects succulents, and it was knocking over the succulents on the back porch," said Julea Dockery.

Dockery said the trouble-making turkey made its way to her home - and it was big. She said it was waist-height to her.

Having never faced a similar situation in The Village, Dockery wasn't sure what to do.

"I didn't know if turkeys could get rabies or anything, so I was nervous about going out back and trying to shoo him out of the backyard," she said.

Captain Wade Farrar with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation said there's no reason to ever fear a hen - but, as for the Tom turkeys, there's only one time of year you may want to stay away.

"In the spring, when their breeding season is going on, sometimes, they do get aggressive and not necessarily hurt someone but they can chase them around and make them think they're going to hurt them," Farrar said.

But, just how did they get here? Farrar said it could have been a pet - or simply just on a bit of a turkey trot.

"Turkeys don't migrate. They're very poor fliers so, everywhere they go, they have to wander around like a wandering nomad, so I'm assuming that there's a creek or a waterway that the turkey wandered down or it's possibly just looking for a new place to live," he said.

Hopefully, for the turkey or turkeys, they find a lower-profile home before the Thanksgiving season.

Archery season is currently open for turkeys. It runs from October 1 through January 15.


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