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Neighbor of missing woman presumed dead: ‘It’d be nice to know where she’s at’

OKLAHOMA CITY - "It’d be nice to know where she’s at. What he did with her body."

Shamen Page, a retired truck driver, has lived at Waters Edge Apartments for the last two years and had come to know Susan Freehauf fairly well.

"She’d make banana bread. Little, itty-bitty loafs of it. She’d give me some of that and then I’d give her some," Page said. "Then I’d make some. In fact, that one night, I took a loaf of banana bread over to her house and he answered, he answered the door, said she was at work."

The "he" Page said was David Shores, 48, who was arrested and charged with first degree murder in Freehauf's suspected death, despite her body not being found. Freehauf's boss contacted police late last month after she failed to show up to work. The last time her boss had spoken with Freehauf was on September 20, according to court documents.

Court documents continue to bring into focus the investigation into Shores and Freehauf's disappearance and presumed murder. Large amounts of blood were found inside her first floor apartment near SW 15th and Meridian. Shores was arrested not far from the complex, driving Freehauf's car and in possession of her credit cards and cell phone.

Court documents filed this week also detail what detectives found in a storage unit near NW 10th and Meridian late last month. Inside, among a number of Freehauf and Shores' personal items, a bloody paper bag and a backpack containing documents belonging to Shores, and receipts for cleaning supplies and ATM withdrawals in the days after Freehauf was last heard from.

Oklahoma City Police said Thursday that there were no new developments in the investigation. But it's the lack of developments, the lack of a body that still bothers Page, who says the two became close as they're both of similar ages.

“Me and Suzy, we just got to know each other," Page said, adding that she never got a bad feeling from Shores, who had reportedly lived with Freehauf for at least several months.

"It'd be nice to know something," Page said. "Just to put a closure to it."

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