Oklahoma game warden catches burglars

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BLAINE COUNTY, Okla. - Authorities credit an eagle-eye game warden for catching crooks in the act.

Now, two burglary suspects are in jail.

The entire thing went down in a rural part of Blaine County.

The lease holder said, for nearly two weeks, the thieves broke in and stole scrap metal from the barn. The suspects thought everything on the property was fair game.

“She told the game warden that she didn't see anything wrong with it,” said Daniel Koehn. “It was abandoned, and she thought she had all the right in the world to come in and take stuff.”

Koehn went to check on his cattle two weeks ago when he noticed the barn door was wide open. He boarded it up, but the thieves went back.

“They tore the boards all off, and so I set up two game cameras and the very next day is when I caught the suspect walking up the driveway,” he said.

Koehn turned in the pictures to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and put them all over Facebook.

Game Warden Phillip Cottrill of Major County heard about the burglary and went to check out the area last Saturday morning. He caught the suspects on the way back to the barn.

Koehn said the warden was at the right place at the right time.

“I think they got what they deserved,” he said.

Now, Rachel Julene Morgan and Diego Arrezola are behind bars.

Koehn said, after the experience, he'll be more careful when going out to his land and he hopes other residents in the area do the same.

“We all need to be neighbors and watch out for each other,” he said. “If you see something suspicious, take a license plate down, or just keep an eye out. If you have a barn or something that you can't be around, put up some cameras like I did.”

The suspects are charged with burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia that was found inside their vehicle.

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