One day before voter registration deadline, Edmondson and Stitt debate

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OKLAHOMA CITY - 26 days remain until Oklahomans will name a new governor. Thursday night in South OKC,Kevin Stitt and Drew Edmondson made a push to the next generation of voters.

“Day one in office everyone will know that Oklahoma is open for business,” said Kevin Stitt, Republican candidate for Governor.

“You have the have the courage to take on special interest …to do what you think is right,” said Drew Edmondson, Democratic candidate for Governor.

With less than a month until the general election, the two leading gubernatorial candidates make their case to young voters at Oklahoma City Community College Thursday night.

With students in the house, education was a big topic.

“We have lost teachers in droves to other professions and other states because of our inability to do what needs to be done for public education,” said Drew Edmondson.

“Being 45th in reading and math scores is unacceptable to me, in a Stitt administration we will be top ten,” said Kevin Stitt.

The event is the first-ever student-run gubernatorial debate in the nation. High school juniors and seniors from all over the state were there, learning about the political process and getting a chance to get up close with the candidates.

Emily Kennedy of Edmond North said, “I think that there is a gap between the education and our youth about politics and they are bridging the gap one step at a time.”

On Thursday the Stitt campaign issued a rebuttal statement to some of the negative ads that have been running as of late. We asked both candidate about the commercials both campaigns have put out there.

“It's so disappointing. I'm up in the polls and these career politicians go negative and start running negative adds on me, so I just continue to tell my story and tell why I'm the best guy to lead Oklahoma,” said Stitt.

“Comparison ads are in every campaign both sides are engaged in that. We are certainly going to do everything we can to keep it civil and talk about the issues,” said Edmondson.

Both candidates agree events like these will get more young people to register to vote, and they better do that quick; the last day to register for the November 6th election is Oct 12th.

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