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Bizarre pursuit through Quail Creek neighborhood caught on camera

OKLAHOMA CITY - A bizarre pursuit took a strange path through a Quail Creek neighborhood, catching the attention of neighbors as it was caught on surveillance camera.

"I was really confused," said Todd Coffman. He was minding his own business in his home office when, out of the blue, an unexpected sight appeared right outside his window. "Out of the corner of my eye I see a young boy, maybe 13-16 years old, just dart by."

Not long after the boy passed, came a woman driving a silver Toyota Camry, driving after him. Coffman said the woman drove onto his driveway and through his property before he spotted them.

So Coffman ran out the back door and tried to confront the driver. Her car was stopped behind his house at a chain separating the back of his home from NW 122nd Street.

"I said, 'What`s going on? She says, 'I`m chasing my son,'" Coffman said. Then without another word, she unhooked his chain and drove west on NW 122nd.

Coffman ran out just in time to see the chase come to an apparent end.

"I think she coaxed him back in the car in the middle of the street," he said, watching them from a couple hundred feet away.

With a story already hard to believe, Coffman said he decided to take a closer look at his surveillance cameras to see what was captured on video. That's when he said he realized the whole thing was even stranger than he knew.

"I saw where she had actually come between two of my neighbor`s houses, and just drove through their yards to get to my yard and then eventually my driveway," Coffman said.

The woman didn't do any real damage other than tearing up tracks through the lawns. However, Coffman still reported the odd ordeal to the police. He also said he wanted to make sure to keep neighbors informed, a responsibility he believes they owe to one another.

"It`s just kind of confusing, I`m not sure what was going on. I`m not sure what happened afterwards or what was going on before," Coffman said. "It`s just baffling that someone would do that."

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