Thieves caught on camera snatching property from a metro business

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Thieves in the night made off with thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a small business, but the theft was caught on camera. Now the owners are hoping someone will spot the people or vehicles responsible and help bring them to justice.

It happened at Truck N Trailer, a truck sales and service center and a family owned-and operated business.

"Stealing is one of the worst things you could possibly do," said sales manager Jeff Morgan. "You just want everybody to work for what they got."

At the business, everyone pulls their own weight, even his dog and business mascot, Sarg. The pup used to accompany employee Sandy McDonald on rounds around the property in their electric par car, or cart, fondly named "the clown car."

"I open the door, he gets in the back seat, I roll down his window, and he looks out the window," McDonald said.

But not anymore, since one morning the crew showed up to discover the "clown car" was gone.

"We had it plugged in the other night and somebody decided they need it more than us," McDonald said.

The thieves were caught on camera helping themselves to property that wasn't theirs.

"They just loaded it up, and they took two trucks, and they drove it off," McDonald said, "describing the two men in two pickups drive onto the property, and drive off with the cart. That's not all that was stolen. They had already gotten hit just a week or two before.

"We had a storage container broken into, the locks cut off, and air compressor stolen out of there," Morgan said. All told, more than $6,000 gone just like that.

The guys at Truck N Trailer believe the same people were responsible for both crimes.

">ore than likely," Morgan said. "They`re pretty comfortable out here at night."

Now they're working to identify those responsible.

"The Chevy in the video is a pretty identifiable video," Morgan said. "Just the way the trim package on the truck, someone`s going to spot it."

He said the last people who stole from them were caught by police, and he has hope these two will be as well.

"People need to be found and dealt with," Morgan said.

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